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Username: Blaydensfem
Name: Ayami Matsumoto
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Appearance: Ayami
Rank: Genin
Alliance: Otogakure [Sound Village]
Weapons: 2 Katana's, Normal Shinobi equipment.
Likes: Unknown
Dislikes: Unknown
Crush: N/A
Special: Asaito [Thread] (lame I know) - Special Chakra controlled threads that are completely invisible to the naked eye, Threads can be used as a weapons as they are sharp as a sword and are as solid as a diamond - Also used to attach to objects to trip, mangle or to make it appear the user is floating in thin air. Ayami, Is also a expert at poisons and uses very powerful poisons on the threads, and her weapons.
History: The Matsumoto Clan, was a proud clan at one time until they were betrayed by the village they served, Ayami is the only surviving member. Their clan originally was controlling puppets until they decided to use the chakra threads themselves as weapons, It took years and years to master and only one had done so, Ayami after her family's downfall she quickly disappeared from her village only to resurface in the Sound Village years after.


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